Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa

Sometimes you want to get away…but not too far away. That’s what we encountered last month, a weekend with no plans and an itch to get out of town. We’re lucky to live outside of Phoenix, with several decent travel destinations in easy driving distance. For this trip, we chose Sedona, AZ. The drive was quick and easy, and nothing beats Sedona for rugged, natural beauty.

Sedona Rouge

Tony booked two nights at the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa off a deal they were running pre-Christmas on Orbitz. We learned our lesson over the summer — booking one hotel room means when the baby goes down for his early bed time, mom and dad are stuck whisper talking or watching barely audible television and all hopes for a relaxing, connecting kind of weekend go out the door. So this time around we decided on a suite and booked the Andalusia suite.


At the Sedona Rouge our room on the third floor had a beautiful view of the red rocks that make Sedona so breathtaking. The highlights of the room were two large bathrooms (showers only, no bathtub), a giant King sized bed, two small balconies overlooking the rear of the property, plenty of closet space, a pull out sleeper couch and two TVs. We requested a crib for Matteo and had a decent pack n’ play ready in the room, with a child size pillow and plenty of blankets. The room was really clean and a modern. A privacy curtain allowed us to separate the sitting room area from the bedroom area — which meant when 7:00 hit and Matteo was ready for bed*, we simply closed his curtain and retreated to the other side of the room where we could continue to watch tv, talk, eat, whatever for the rest of the evening. It was so much better than sharing a single room — when that’s happened in the past, Matteo fights bedtime and we all end up in bad moods.

As we were at the Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa in December, we didn’t get to use the pool but we did enjoy the spa. We also took advantage of the “free small plate” coupons at Red’s Restaurant that we received upon check-in. Red’s Restaurant never seemed terribly busy and we enjoyed the food we tried. We were also very happy with the hotel staff — kind, courteous and quick to offer assistance.

Negatives of our stay? The $20 resort fee of  per day is charged which covers wi-fi (which was average at the best of times) and use of the fitness room was a bit high for what was offered. Also, the hotel had a beautiful observation deck but it was not in operation, though a fire pit and heaters seemed available and ready. The Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa is currently in the middle of an expansion project, which means construction. We weren’t disturbed at all by the construction, but if you plan a visit in the near future be aware that they are expanding and that means a working construction crew will be on site and making noise during the day Mondays through Thursdays. If you can over look the construction site though, its still a great place to stay for a weekend in Sedona.

*Traveling with baby/toddler tip: bring a sound machine! White noise will help lull baby to sleep and allow mom and dad to talk/watch tv/eat/whatever without worrying about baby waking up. We’ve used a sound machine with Matteo since he was 7 weeks old and credit it for allowing us to travel with ease — Matteo will sleep anywhere as long as he has his sound machine on. This is the one we have and love — it also has a light projector which is a big hit with our little one. 


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