Spring Break 2015 — Austin, TX

Well, we’ve returned from our Spring Break trip to Austin. What high hopes we had for this trip. Well thought out plans, a good sized list of attractions to visit, and expectations of fun and relaxation.

Some of that stuff happened.

No, honestly, the trip had more high points than low, but there were some low points. Let’s get that summary over with first, shall we?

1. Weather. When choosing a location for our trip, we specifically avoided other cities that have a tendency for a particularly rainy March. Austin is typically sunny and mild — and it was sunny and mild, the week after we were there. For our trip, it rained 2.5 of the days and was cool and cloudy every day. This would have been less of a problem if the beginning of our trip hadn’t been dependent upon walking around downtown. Bummer.

2. Sickness. On Tuesday evening of the trip, Matteo woke up around 11:30 pm with a terrible, terrible, terrible stomach bug. It was a very long night with that poor little boy getting sick over and over again. Wednesday, he felt pretty crummy so we pretty much lost a day of the trip sitting in the hotel room, tending to a sick little one. Not fun.

Really, those are the only negatives I can think of off of the top of my head for the trip. Had we experienced sunny weather and a healthy little boy, things would have been just about perfect. Because Austin is a really cool city. Detailed recap to come, but the highlights of the trip for me (Jen, here) were our last minute decision to drive to San Antonio and visit the Alamo, and the entire campus of the Hyatt’s Lost Pines Resort in Austin. Both of these stops made me very, very happy.

Of course, just being off work and away from the stress of our everyday lives made the vacation fun right off the bat. There’s not much I enjoy in life more than quality time with Tony and Matteo.



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