Ebags Osprey Backpack Review

As I said prior to our Austin trip, Tony and I were excited to try out our new backpacks from Ebags.com. We each have an Osprey Farpoint 40, chosen because of its relatively small size, lots of organizational compartments, and highly rated reviews on the Ebags.com site.

Since having Matteo, we quickly realized that backpack carry-ons were the way to go for us when we travel as a family. We need all hands on deck, available and ready to try to manage not only the inordinate amount of crap that traveling with a kiddo requires (here’s to you, stroller that Matteo refuses to ride in) but also to keep Matteo from running the wrong way up the TSA Exit Only ramp – side note, TSA Agents do not recognize how cute and adorably naughty my son is.

Okay, back to the backpack. The goal for our Austin trip was to pack everything that all three of us would need for 6 days/5 nights away in carry-on only luggage. We also wanted to avoid bringing Matteo’s separate diaper bag. I’m glad to say that packing wise, the trip was a huge success. We were able to pack clothes for all three of us, multiple pairs of shoes, diapers, baby wipes, Matteo’s sound machine, toiletries, all of the hair stuff I needed to maintain my beauty regiment while away, and everything we used to try to keep Matteo distracted and entertained on the airplane. We used the two backpacks and one small roller board bag – and if needed we probably could have avoided the roller board if we had gotten really serious.  Success!

The best part of the backpacks was that even full of stuff, they were comfortable to wear. The straps are wide and padded. There are additional straps to add stability mid back and at the collarbone. The large compartments have full zippers that allow you to open the flap completely  — which makes packing and unpacking a breeze.

Yes, the backpacks are a little pricey but ebags seems to have pretty regular sales that offer additional discounts off. For the money, you get a sturdy, well made backpack that should last. I’m excited to use mine again in a few weeks when we go away for a weekend in San Francisco. These bags are a great alternative to the traditional roller board carry on, and I didn’t feel like we lost anything as far as packing space goes.

Highly recommend!


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