Matteo Anthony, you are THREE years old today.

Teo baby

Forgive me if I get a bit teary, and insist on hugging you and kissing you a little extra today. It’s just that — you’re my baby! Only now you’re such a big boy. I love you so very much. I dreamed about you for my whole life, wondering what it would feel like to be a mom. Honest answer? It’s so much BETTER than I imagined (and harder, too). You are always the brightest spot in my day. You make me want to do more with my life, to be an example to you to not be afraid, to work hard, and to pursue what you want out of life.

Teo and Daddy

I love you sweet boy. So does your whole family and all of your friends back home in the US. Your new friends here in Abu Dhabi are pretty crazy about you too. You’re the coolest, Teo.

Teo and Mama

Since it’s your birthday, here are a few things all about you:

  • You’re potty trained! Add this to the list of things I was totally dreading and turned out not to be that bad (like giving up the bottle and pacifier). Thanks for being a big boy and making this easy on mama and daddy.
  • You love to sing — your ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, 5 Little Moneys Jumping on the Bed, Johnny Johnny, etc. Heaven help us if Daddy or I try to join in; you do not appreciate being interrupted.
  • You love pirates, robots, and playing “monster” with your dad.
  • You seem to have inherited my love for a quality bath — in fact, you’ve kicked me out of my relaxing bath multiple times this past week and refuse to get out until the water is cold and you’re skin has pruned.
  • You play independently — imaginative play has really taken off! Daddy and I sometimes chuckle as we listen to you playing with your cars or fireman. You come up with some hilarious scenarios to act out.


You are smart, beautiful, sensitive, and resilient. You have a mind of your own and a temper to match, but that just means Daddy and I have to work extra hard to help you (and us!) learn patience.

Having you is the best thing we’ve every done Matteo. Happy birthday!


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