Coming Attractions

Matteo playing at the Oman border during last week's border run
Matteo playing at the Oman border during last week’s border run

Last night Tony and I finalized the dates and locations for our big travel plans for the rest of “the year” — meaning the school year, because when you’re married to an educator that’s the calendar you end up having to follow for the year. Here’s what we have mapped out:

  • A long weekend in December will see us off to Doha, Qatar. There is a rumor that this long weekend may turn in to a full week off, in which case we may change travel plans to somewhere else, but for now Doha is the plan.
  • Winter break coincides with Christmas time and we’re very excited about taking our travels to Europe. First we’re off to Vienna, Austria and from there we will spend a few days in Salzburg then Innsbruck, before finishing our trip in Munich, Germany. I have to brush up on my high school German language skills because I will finally have a use for the four years I spent in Frau Stamp’s class! Ich heisse Jennifer!
  • In March, our spring break will see us off for a week in Copenhagen, Denmark. Looking forward to the bridge over to Malmö, Sweden while we are there.
  • Once summer break commences for Tony, we will leave the heat of the UAE and fly to London to spend a little over a week in the UK. Definitely on the list will be a few days exploring London before heading up to Scotland. I am so excited to visit Scotland, I am a big time Outlander nerd and can’t wait to see the country that feels more like a character in Diana Gabaldon’s beautiful novels. Also, Tony and I both have Scottish heritage — which means that so does Matteo, so it will be fun to see the country of our ancestors. After our time in the UK, we’ll make the flight across the pond and land in Detroit which will serve as a jumping off point for us to see family and friends in Michigan and Ohio. On the way back to the Middle East, we will stop in Amsterdam for a few days before making our way all the way back to Abu Dhabi in time of the start of the 16-17 school year in mid August.

I’m sure we’ll fit in smaller trips here and there, but those are the BIGGIES we have planned. It feels like a lot of traveling, and it is! That was one of the selling points for us in making this move — giving ourselves an opportunity to travel more than we ever could if we were still in the US (especially with my limited vacation time from work).

That said, if anyone* is feeling the travel itch and would like to meet up in any of the above countries, send Tony or I an email or Facebook message or something and we can let you know specific dates/where we’re booking our accommodations. We love travel buddies! Also, if you’ve traveled to any of the above locals and have any advice of things to do/see, or what isn’t worth it, we’d appreciate that info as well.

We’re in a travel lull at the moment as we settle in to life here and welcome the changes we’ve invited in to our lives. I continue to be amazed at how well Tony and Matteo have adjusted to this new life — of the three of us, I’m having the hardest time acclimating, but I’m doing quite well too. Honestly, I think more of my adjustment issues are due to the change in not working for the first time since I was 16 rather than solely from living in a new country.

The bottom line is this, moving here was the change we were looking for and it’s been good to us so far.

Hoping life is well for all of you, family and friends! More to come later.

*invitation is limited only to people we know and like 🙂


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