Stroller Magic

Our City Mini makes a great makeshift, lay flat bed for Matteo when we are traveling. 

When we were packing to move to Abu Dhabi, we debated every single item in our possession — take it with us? Pack it for sometime in the future? Sell it? Trash it?

One of the items that we elected not to bring with us was our original jogging stroller. We chose an inexpensive jogging stroller that worked with our infant car seat. It was nice, but the tires went flat quickly and Matteo didn’t really like riding in it as he got older. To be fair, he didn’t really like any means of transportation other than being carried in my arms. That was fine when he was little, but as he’s gotten older its no longer possible for me to carry him for hours on end when we travel.

About a month ago, after some debate as to whether it was wise to purchase a stroller when we haven’t been successful in getting Teo to ride in one (see our trip to Austin last spring), we decided to pull the trigger and went to the mall. We ended up at a fairly high end mother/baby store in front of a wall of really, really nice strollers.

We went back and forth on which model to go with, but ended up walking out with the City Mini jogging stroller for a number of reasons. First is the ease with which this stroller collapses compactly. Perfect for travel! Airlines gave me a hard time with our previous jogging stroller but not the City Mini. It’s also light weight, easy to maneuver (even over the uneven cobblestones of Istanbul), and allows for a nearly flat recline.

Matteo resisted it at first, but this time we persevered, strapped him in and let him cry it out. It was rough, but worth it as now he no longer fights us (much) when its time to get in the stroller. Once he’s in, he loves it. He’s fallen asleep in it nearly every time he’s been in it. Another bonus is the sun shade/weather cover (with SPF +50 protection!) gives him the privacy he needs when he becomes overstimulated out and about.

Teo sleeping in his City Mini as we enjoy Istanbul


We have a lot more travel coming up, and as long as the City Mini continues to hold up to the wear and tear we’ve put it through, I’d have to say it would be my top suggestion for anyone in the market for a jogging stroller. Teo is 3 — a tall three year old at that, and I still say he can comfortably ride in it for at least another year (maximum weight is 50 lbs.).

The stroller is expensive by our standards, especially when buying for an older toddler with limited “stroller” time remaining, but it’s well made and easy to push, fold, and carry. And the relief at having Matteo actually ride in the thing — that was worth a couple hundred bucks all on its own. While walking the streets on Istanbul today, Tony looked and me and said the stroller was the best investment we’ve ever made.

Now that’s saying something.



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