More Matteo-isms


Three year olds are HILARIOUS. Here’s another installment of Matteo-isms that I don’t ever want to forget!

  • On the flight to Istanbul, when the plane started to descend for landing Matteo loudly exclaimed “We’re going DOWN!” to which I corrected, “We’re landing,”As a person who suffers from some air travel anxiety, I feel that proper wording is very important.
  • The mish mash of songs. Oh this is so fun. He loves nursery rhymes and mixes them up constantly. My current favorite is, “Old MacDonald had a farm, and Bingo was his name-o. Oink! Oink! N! G! O!” Cracks me up every time.
  • He does not like us laughing — whether he perceives that we’re laughing at him or not. He  will get super irritated and yell, “It’s NOT funny!” Perfect inflection, I might add.
  • Matteo, much like his mother, is not a morning person. This is taken out on poor Tony, who can do nothing right in Teo’s eyes during the first hour or so that he’s awake. The other day I reminded Matteo that Daddy can help him in the mornings too, to which Teo replied, “But Daddy’s always grumpy,” No son, that’s you and me. Dad’s the least moody person in our family!
  • Maybe we’ve overdone the proud, encouraging parenting thing because Matteo is now repeating it back to us, with a spirited, “Of course you can, Mama! Of course, you can Daddy!”
  • On the ferry today here in Istanbul, Matteo repeatedly asked where Captain Hook was and when we would be leaving for Pirate Island (Thank you Disney Jr.’s “Jake and the Neverland Pirates!”)
  • Instead of saying “I love you” Matteo says “I miss you” and its precious.
  • I absentmindedly called Matteo “baby” and then had to listen to a 2 minute long lecture — “Why you call me baby, Mama? I not a baby. I a Teo! David is a baby! I not a baby” (David is his little cousin)

Three is a trying age. Matteo is incredibly stubborn and if he’s in a mood, no matter what it is you want to do, it will be a fight. There are many days when Tony and I just look at each other, grit our teeth, and have to keep going because nothing prepares you when your sweet little baby becomes a possessed, temper tantrumed toddler. But those moments when he’s happy, funny, and sweet? I want to bottle them up forever because there’s nothing quite like seeing the little, tiny baby that you brought home from the hospital start to show his personality — likes and dislikes, opinions and preferences.

We love being his parents.


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