Even More Matteo-isms

I had no idea how many hilarious things a three year old will say in a given day. He cracks us up! Again, we record these remembrances here not because we think everyone is as interested in our son as we are, but because this blog is a journal of sorts and these are the things we never want to forget.

With that said, here are some of the more recent Matteo-isms that have us giggling:

  • Tony came home from work dressed in his suit and Matteo exclaimed, “Oh Daddy, you look pretty! I like your costume.”
  • Matteo’s nap schedule has been pretty inconsistent lately. Some days he won’t nap, but he will go to bed super early. One morning after going to bed the previous evening at 6 pm, Teo woke up and announced, “Good morning Mama. I woke up. I really like night night. Also, I very hungry!”
  • I’m trying to teach Matteo to write his name. At the moment, his signature is a series of circles and if you ask him why, his answer is “circles are my favorite color!” To be fair, his name does end in “o” so I’m calling this progress.
Matteo’s signature. See the “o” at the end? Clearly he is a genius.
  • Matteo actually expresses all of his favorite things as being his favorite color. As in potato chips and strawberries are his favorite color (food). Buzz Light is his favorite color (movie). Soccer ball is his favorite color (toy).
  • Last week Matteo wanted to play “school” to my delight. As we were taking turns being “Teacher Mama” and “Teacher Teo” I told him that Daddy’s job is being a teacher (way easier to explain than Academic Vice Principal). Safe to say, Matteo’s mind was BLOWN. “Daddy? Daddy is TEACHER? Daddy go to school? DADDY IS THE TEACHER AT SCHOOL?” He was so excited and impressed. In the mornings now, instead of asking if Daddy is at work, he now asks, “Did Daddy go to school again?”
  • Tony and I want Matteo to grow up exercising as a normal part of his day, and one way I work on this with him is to “exercise” with him every morning. We run laps around the apartment, do jumping jacks and dance, sit-ups that kind of thing. The other day I asked him to pick up his toys in his room for the 100th time, and he replied “Can you get it for me Mama? I’m trying to exercise.” He then proceeded to run in circles for the next 10 minutes, dramatically leaning over and breathing hard.
  • Matteo loves pirates and no matter what we’re playing, a “shiver me timbers”, “Argh, matey!” will make its way in to conversation.
  • Matteo has fully latched on to the idea of Santa Claus and the excitement that Christmas brings. Unfortunately, it is February and he has a long wait until next Christmas. He has asked daily when Santa Claus is coming to bring his presents. Today he’s told me multiple times, “I sure wish Santa Claus would get here!”
  • Matteo routinely yells for me to bring him things and I’m trying to get him in the habit of walking down the hall and asking me nicely. Today he was on the couch and asked me to bring him his water, which was sitting on the table not 10 feet away. I asked him if his legs were broken to which he replied, “YES! They are broken!” and for the next 3o minutes he asked me to pick him up and take him all around the apartment — because he couldn’t walk with his broken legs.
  • When Tony gets home from work, Matteo wants all of his attention. Last week when I  was trying to tell Tony about my day, Matteo interrupted to say, “Mama you no talk to my Daddy!” to which I replied, “He’s your daddy but he’s my husband and I get to talk to him too,” Matteo replied back with sass, yelling, “No, he is MINE HUSBAND!”

I know there are so many more things he does and says that crack us up on a daily basis. There’s nothing quite like having a conversation with your three year old. We are so grateful for this little boy who fills our hearts with joy and exhausts us all at the same time. So excited to continue to watch him grow and learn.




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