2016 Travel Roundup


Tony and I were discussing 2016 this morning. For many, and certainly from a global view, 2016 saw a lot of terrible things, but personally — for Tony, Matteo and I — it may have been the best year of our lives.

Travel Roundup

January — We celebrated the New Year at midnight in the sky as we flew back to Abu Dhabi from Munich at the end of our Christmas vacation.

February — A weekend away to Ras Al Khaimah for Tony’s first official half marathon

March — Tony jetted off to London in Etihad’s luxurious first class apartment for a soccer weekend

March/April — We spent Spring Break in beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark

May — Over Mother’s Day weekend, our family made the short drive to Dubai for a relaxing weekend at the Park Hyatt

June — Tony and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary (!) with another weekend in Dubai, this time staying at the Ritz Carlton. Somehow, we missed blogging about this weekend away.

July/August – For Tony’s summer break from work, we got out of the blistering heat of Abu Dhabi and started our 6 week of travels. First stopping in London, then a few days in the Highlands before making our way to Edinburgh. From there we flew back to London to catch the flight back to the US where we spent soaked up family time in Michigan, Arizona and Ohio. On our way back to the UAE, we stopped for a few days in beautiful Amsterdam, to catch our breaths and try to acclimate to the time differences!

September/October — While we debated taking a trip during this time period, we opted not to because Matteo began pre kindergarten in September. The change to his schedule took a lot of hard work and purposefulness to get used to, so we didn’t want to add to the chaos any more than necessary.

November — In later November we took our first trip east to Asia with a vacation to Malaysia.

December — That brings us to the current month. We spent 10 days in Paris for Christmas before leaving for 4 days in Geneva, Switzerland where I sit writing this at this very moment. Paris at Christmas time was absolutely magical, and Geneva has proven to be the perfect spot to relax and after the hustle and bustle of the City of Light (more posts coming on this trip).

Tomorrow we leave Geneva and fly back to Abu Dhabi to spend the final days of 2016 in our apartment. When we made the decision to move to Abu Dhabi, so much of it was based on a perceived opportunity to travel and see the world, and we’re definitely working toward that goal. I’m excited to see what travels lie ahead in 2017!


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